IMP Dariush

is an ambitious producer from Germany who blends Electro House with cinematic music. He is also known for his Synthwave compositions and is always exploring new genres like Techno, Bass House and Future GarageHe has been creating music since 2020 and never gives up. His goal is to inspire people and help others through his music. His inspirations include Martin Garrix, Polygon, Vluarr, and HI-LO.Dariush also tells a story with his tracks, focusing on the beginnings and ends of everything. His motto is "Giving up is the last option, morring can wait until it's over."He is a magically powered person who wants to spread his music message to you, hence the name IMP = Its Magical Powered. As he says, "music is like magic that only musicians can use. To understand the meaning of a song, you have to feel the aura of the vibrations."For business inquiries, you can contact him via Instagram or Discord: Dariush#9995.